Are our brewery tours wheelchair friendly?

Here at London Brewery Tours we’re extremely passionate about great beer. The only thing we love more is introducing new people to the plethora tastes and experiences that are available on our tours. We feel very strongly that anyone who wishes to discover more about craft beer should be able to. However we realised that a ‘walking tour’ simply by it’s name might dissuade any beer lovers for whom mobility might be an issue. But how could we ensure that our tours were suitable?

After doing our homework we decided to reach out to Better Mobility who have a fantastic reputation in the industry. After a few emails back and forth we managed to find a date that worked for some of their representatives to come out to assess the accessibility for wheelchair users or those with any other challenge with walking on our tour. On the insert date their fully trained assessors attended our flagship Bermondsey Tour which included visits to four breweries who are now a part of a thriving beer and food scene along and under the rail arches of one of London’s most famous boroughs; Southwark.

Guests are met near city hall by the Thames in the shadow of Tower Bridge and are watched over for the day by our kind and helpful “brew” guides. The Bermondsey tour is almost entirely flat marked crossings are used at every opportunity. Our guides are especially vigilant when guests are crossing as ensuring the safety of our guests is paramount. The tour itself usually takes about 4-5 hours with tastings included at all the stops and the folks from Better Mobility joined right in with our usually varied crowd and all seemed to have a great day.

They got back in touch with us afterwards providing some very useful and constructive feedback in terms of where we might improve aspects of the tour to better serve guests with disabilities. That in turn was fed back to our guides and the tap rooms that we visit. Lastly they had this to say about the Bermondsey Tour “ Our team enjoyed it immensely and are most grateful for the experience “.

If you would like to see their review for yourself there’s a link here to the Better Mobility June Newsletter.

Better Mobility was founded in 2003 by Jeanette and Lee Warner out of sheer exasperation by the lack of reliable information available for their son’s wheelchair needs. Since then they have sought to provide well researched impartial advice and support across an array of needs facing disabled people, their families and carers.

Article by: Nate Nolan, Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat