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Posted by London Brewery Tours on Friday, 13 May 2016

Things are moving fast in craft beer these days and we have learned a lot about where things just might be headed. Because we’ve grown with the industry; first from two friends who just wanted share their passion for beer taking intrigued guests on a tour of their favourite breweries on the “Bermondsey Beer Mile” in London, to treating folks to beers aboard a little ferry Bristol, and soon marching around fabulous Manchester with more cities to come we’re uniquely placed to understand what people are seeking out.

But for many just tasting new beers isn’t enough. They hunger for more. They want to meet the brewers, hear their stories and come to understand why they brew the beers they do. They want to taste new and exciting beers matched with charcuterie, cheese, chocolate and more. Some others want an even more immersive day out, so getting their hands dirty and learning how to brew or actually brewing their own beer.

We’ve been very lucky that we’ve had such a diverse and amazing cross section of guests on our tours and in talking to the real ale enthusiasts, the craft geeks, those people who “don’t like beer” and everyone in between we’ve discovered that more and more of you are taking a real interest in beer. Palates and minds are opening up to the myriad of choices and styles now available to them. In this new golden age of UK brewing rather than big business driving things forward it’s the endeavour and creativity of the brewers which in turn is being urged on by an ever inquisitive and thirsty public. Though we are drinking less we are demanding more from our drinking experience and UK Brewery Tours are at the forefront of making those experiences as easy as clicking a button.

With our growing number of partner breweries and artisan food producers around the country were are starting to make all these experiences possible. All you have to do is buy the voucher and we take care of the rest. What could be easier?

Can’t see exactly what you are after? Then get in touch and we’ll see if we can’t accommodate you.

The vouchers make the perfect gift for any beer lover in your life and are redeemable for a up to a year.

Hiver Beers Urban Bee Keeping and Craft Beer Experience

London Brewery Tours are buzzing with excitement to be telling you about the folks at Hiver Beers ‘sweet’ beer tasting experience in the heart of London.

Hiver was the brainchild of former Meantime Brewery employee Hannah Rhodes, who after a chance discovery of the vast array of honey produced in London was inspired to brew a quality beer using Winnie the Pooh’s favourite food. So in 2012 Hiver was born and has gone from strength to strength with listings at M&S and Ocado as well as a number of independent merchants.

What was to set Hiver apart from other honey beers was that Hannah was resolved to only use more textured and flavourful unpasteurised British honey. But she wasn’t done pushing the envelope with that. Committed to creating a truly original beer Hannah decided rather than simply adding honey at the end as a “flavour” she actually wanted to brew with it in the form of a “brewing sugar”. Thus making the honey integral not only to the taste but also to the body of the beer.

This focus on quality and character was to pay off in 2014 which saw them win Ocado’s Next Top Supplier, thus providing publicity and support enabling them to reach an even wider audience.

Hiver currently have two beers on the market; their original classic The Honey Beer, blonde and crisp as well as The Honey Ale, a deeper, full bodied brown ale.

As part of your experience not only will you be treated to a tutored tasting complete with food matching but you’ll also get a crash course in beekeeping from Hiver’s very own “Mr Honey” Barnaby Shaw.

The number of bee hives in London has rocketed since 2008 since news came out that global bee numbers were in rapid decline. Hives can now be found all over the city; on the roofs of schools, mosques and even the Tate Modern. There’s even more good news for London’s bee lovers and Hiver because last year the capital had one of the largest total yields of honey of any region in the UK.

This unique beer and bee experience takes place at the wonderful Bee Urban Beekeepers Lodge in Kennington, just a short stroll from Kennington tube.

Click here to buy a GIFT VOUCHER for this tour (valid 12 months)

Article by: Nate Nolan, Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat

Are our brewery tours wheelchair friendly?

Here at London Brewery Tours we’re extremely passionate about great beer. The only thing we love more is introducing new people to the plethora tastes and experiences that are available on our tours. We feel very strongly that anyone who wishes to discover more about craft beer should be able to. However we realised that a ‘walking tour’ simply by it’s name might dissuade any beer lovers for whom mobility might be an issue. But how could we ensure that our tours were suitable?

After doing our homework we decided to reach out to Better Mobility who have a fantastic reputation in the industry. After a few emails back and forth we managed to find a date that worked for some of their representatives to come out to assess the accessibility for wheelchair users or those with any other challenge with walking on our tour. On the insert date their fully trained assessors attended our flagship Bermondsey Tour which included visits to four breweries who are now a part of a thriving beer and food scene along and under the rail arches of one of London’s most famous boroughs; Southwark.

Guests are met near city hall by the Thames in the shadow of Tower Bridge and are watched over for the day by our kind and helpful “brew” guides. The Bermondsey tour is almost entirely flat marked crossings are used at every opportunity. Our guides are especially vigilant when guests are crossing as ensuring the safety of our guests is paramount. The tour itself usually takes about 4-5 hours with tastings included at all the stops and the folks from Better Mobility joined right in with our usually varied crowd and all seemed to have a great day.

They got back in touch with us afterwards providing some very useful and constructive feedback in terms of where we might improve aspects of the tour to better serve guests with disabilities. That in turn was fed back to our guides and the tap rooms that we visit. Lastly they had this to say about the Bermondsey Tour “ Our team enjoyed it immensely and are most grateful for the experience “.

If you would like to see their review for yourself there’s a link here to the Better Mobility June Newsletter.

Better Mobility was founded in 2003 by Jeanette and Lee Warner out of sheer exasperation by the lack of reliable information available for their son’s wheelchair needs. Since then they have sought to provide well researched impartial advice and support across an array of needs facing disabled people, their families and carers.

Article by: Nate Nolan, Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat

Street Art and Craft Beer Tour in Evening Standard

Our Street Art and Craft Beer Tour launches on Friday 11th March at 6pm in Peckham.

Guests will take a walk around Peckham and East Dulwich to see some fantastic pieces of street art in South East London.

Then we’ll end up in Brick Brewery for some tastings of their locally brewed beer.

We are pleased to let you know that this event has been featured in the Top Ten Things to do in London this weekend in the Evening Standard.

Things to do in London this weekend

Tickets for future dates have also been made available for future Fridays at 6pm and Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

We are launching our tours in Bristol on 19th March 2016

Bristol Brewery Tours is launching with an afternoon of beer tastings, a brewery visit and taproom fun on 19th March 2016.

The day kicks off just after lunch with guests meeting in Millennium Square on route to the ferry boarding point near the Grain Barge where ‘HMS Hops’ will set sail on her maiden voyage along the Bristol waterfront on route to Moor Beer Co.’s brewery.

On board the fully licensed ferry, guests will be treated to a very special tasting of local craft beers and ales. A truly unique way to start the day along the journey to Temple Meads Quay.

Guests will then take a short walk to the Moor Beer Co. brewery taproom to sample their wonderful range of award winning beers which have helped establish the brewery as one of the highest regarded in the UK.

The tour will then continue with a 30 minute walk back into the town centre where Duncan and his team at Beer Emporium will be arranging a very special tasting of local beers upon arrival.

There will also be a chance to grab a bite to eat and stay around until late afternoon in the heart of the Bristol ‘Beermuda’ Triangle.

Duncan at Beer Emporium said ‘Happy to be a part of this exciting adventure’ in anticipation of the first Bristol Brewery Tours event in March.

The whole concept of the Bristol tours has been brought to the city by London Brewery Tours who have been introducing guests to Bermondsey and Hackney breweries since September 2014. With tours being filled up months in advance they decided to look at other areas in the UK to expand their brewery experience days.

Co-Founder Steven Boase stated ‘With so many great breweries in Bristol and an amazing food and drink scene it seemed the next logical step after London. We have many friends in the city and look forward to making many more as the tours get going this Spring.’

Bristol Brewery Tours look forward to welcoming you on an amazing afternoon out in the city and an experience that will be one to remember.

For anyone wanting to grab a ticket for the maiden voyage of HMS Hops just visit: for more details.

Check out our video on Smoke and Salt

[youtube id=”QQuthPRPNUc”]

Check out the video above made by the guys at Smoke and Salt. They came down to our Bermondsey Tour and made a little video of their time on the tour as well as some of the great eating places nearby such as Monty’s Deli.

Read the full article here:

We are also pleased to have been featured on the following websites over the past month:


The Culture Trip:


Love is in the air for Craft Beer Tours in London


Check out our special Valentine’s Day specials with London Brewery Tours, the number one provider of craft beer and microbrewery tourism in the South East

Plan that perfect gift for you beloved this Valentine’s day.  London Brewery Tours offers an exclusive peek inside London’s best new craft beer and ale microbreweries.  We are operating in Southwark and East London providing you with a snap shot of contemporary London brewing and fulfilling an excellent day out, loads of great beers, tours of the breweries and much, much more.  An absolute must for beer lovers and visitors to London!

Tours run on a Saturday afternoon, and visit a minimum of five breweries.   Drinks from each brewery are included as well as raffle prizes and take home memorabilia.  

Try our New Hackney Tour, visiting some of the most infamous of London’s breweries.  The tour starts at Hackney Central station, where we swiftly depart for our first microbrewery tour at 5 Points Brewery.  5 Points is heavily involved in the Craft beer explosion going on in in the South East.  They are one of the veterans of the area and are delighted to share their brewing knowledge and some world class beers.  We visit the Old Cock- Starting place for Howling Hops Brewery, and the heavy weight of East London- London Fields Brewery.  We continue on to Red Church Brewery where we have the second of our featured Brewery tours.  Each brewery puts on drinks and a great atmosphere for you to enjoy with your loved ones and meet the other great people on tour.

Our Classic Bermondsey Brewery Tour is infused with quality and craft brewing history.  Featuring some of the oldest (and newest) microbreweries in London, there are a huge variety of beers and breweries in this world famous and increasingly popular beer tourism borough.  We meet at City Hall, and promptly visit the legends Southwark Brewing Co.  These guys know their stuff, and will warm you with a couple of traditional style beers.  We visit various other sites on our way down to Four Pure, a trendy sites featuring the first English canning facility!  These breweries cannot be missed.  A rare pearl of UK Brewing.  Drinks included from all sites as well as a take home bottle of beer and memorabilia.

So for that special someone, get them a Valentine’s a special craft beer and microbrewery experience.  Tickets are available as 12 month redeemable vouchers. Get a voucher today.

Craft Beer Tours in 2016

We have some great developments coming to you in 2016. Due to the popularity with our guests we have been able to refine and add to our tour package to give you even more fantastic exposure to London breweries, and more beer!

We have more tours available than ever! There will be a minimum of five tours monthly, running in two separate boroughs of London, Southwark and Hackney. We will be developing more areas and more tours over the coming months. Watch this space!

Our tours are growing into a force to be reckoned with! From January we will be offering a full compliment of drinks from each featured brewery. Our guests can also expect to take home a delicious bottle of craft beer, a certificate of completion, and a selection or memorabilia from your tour breweries.

Try our brand new East London Microbrewery Tour. Visit 5 Points, the Cock Tavern (Howling Hops), London Fields Brewery, Redchurch Brewery, and the Mile End Brewery. Get an inside look at two of the breweries. Explore the warehouse, equipment, and get unrivalled access to the brewers. Learn about the brewing process, and how to produce your favourite beer styles. This tour should not be missed!

Our Famous Bermondsey Microbrewery Tour is evolving. Not only do you still get in depth access to the legendary Southwark Brewing and the pioneers of English craft beer canning – 4 Pure, we have fought to get you more! We will be visiting a new site en-route, and providing more drinks plus a bottle to take home!

These tours are a must see, even for returning guests. Tickets are available as 12 month redeemable vouchers, call in to find dates. All tour info can be found on our website!

The future of our Beer Tours

We have had an exciting start to our London Tours Campaign. Things have really taken flight and at the end of 2015, on our first anniversary we have lots of tales to tell. We’ve had some great tours, met some greater people from all corners of the globe, and drank some of the most delicious craft beers being produced in London to this date! Here is a brief history of London Brewery Tours, from its creation in Aug 2014 to the end of 2015.

Dom and I started out by routinely visiting our now established Bermondsey Brewers each weekend, trying to get everyone and anyone we could find to join us on tour. It was from the start that we start building relations with the brewers, and trying a lot of beers!

After five months, hundreds of beers and a lot of sloppy Saturdays we decided that we needed to make a change. We had the clients, we had some cool guys helping us with the tours, and we were ready to step things up. We haven’t looked back! Our tours went weekly from April 2015 and they have risen to being in the top 40 Trip Adviser food and drink tours in London.
We later talked to the guys in East London and decided to trial a Hackney Microbrewery Tour in September.

We now are proud to be able to offer a great cross section of London breweries with tours running weekly in our capital.

Beers for all tastes and occasions.

Invest in the future of Redchurch Brewery

One of the breweries on our Hackney tour is Redchurch Brewery. They are now looking for your support in expanding their growing microbrewery business.

Redchurch Brewery, based in a double arch in Bethnal Green, produces a core range of 6 craft beers. Founded in 2011, the business is unable to keep up with demand and is raising funds to achieve their brand vision, with a significant expansion in capacity and improvement in efficiency of package, alongside an intelligent and coordinated sales and marketing campaign. The brewery on-site bar was recently named as one of the best in London.

[youtube id=”3ihYdR_9FwE”]

If you are interested in investing then visit their Crowdcube investment pitch here.