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Posted by London Brewery Tours on Friday, 13 May 2016

Things are moving fast in craft beer these days and we have learned a lot about where things just might be headed. Because we’ve grown with the industry; first from two friends who just wanted share their passion for beer taking intrigued guests on a tour of their favourite breweries on the “Bermondsey Beer Mile” in London, to treating folks to beers aboard a little ferry Bristol, and soon marching around fabulous Manchester with more cities to come we’re uniquely placed to understand what people are seeking out.

But for many just tasting new beers isn’t enough. They hunger for more. They want to meet the brewers, hear their stories and come to understand why they brew the beers they do. They want to taste new and exciting beers matched with charcuterie, cheese, chocolate and more. Some others want an even more immersive day out, so getting their hands dirty and learning how to brew or actually brewing their own beer.

We’ve been very lucky that we’ve had such a diverse and amazing cross section of guests on our tours and in talking to the real ale enthusiasts, the craft geeks, those people who “don’t like beer” and everyone in between we’ve discovered that more and more of you are taking a real interest in beer. Palates and minds are opening up to the myriad of choices and styles now available to them. In this new golden age of UK brewing rather than big business driving things forward it’s the endeavour and creativity of the brewers which in turn is being urged on by an ever inquisitive and thirsty public. Though we are drinking less we are demanding more from our drinking experience and UK Brewery Tours are at the forefront of making those experiences as easy as clicking a button.

With our growing number of partner breweries and artisan food producers around the country were are starting to make all these experiences possible. All you have to do is buy the voucher and we take care of the rest. What could be easier?

Can’t see exactly what you are after? Then get in touch and we’ll see if we can’t accommodate you.

The vouchers make the perfect gift for any beer lover in your life and are redeemable for a up to a year.