Hiver Beers Urban Bee Keeping and Craft Beer Experience

London Brewery Tours are buzzing with excitement to be telling you about the folks at Hiver Beers ‘sweet’ beer tasting experience in the heart of London.

Hiver was the brainchild of former Meantime Brewery employee Hannah Rhodes, who after a chance discovery of the vast array of honey produced in London was inspired to brew a quality beer using Winnie the Pooh’s favourite food. So in 2012 Hiver was born and has gone from strength to strength with listings at M&S and Ocado as well as a number of independent merchants.

What was to set Hiver apart from other honey beers was that Hannah was resolved to only use more textured and flavourful unpasteurised British honey. But she wasn’t done pushing the envelope with that. Committed to creating a truly original beer Hannah decided rather than simply adding honey at the end as a “flavour” she actually wanted to brew with it in the form of a “brewing sugar”. Thus making the honey integral not only to the taste but also to the body of the beer.

This focus on quality and character was to pay off in 2014 which saw them win Ocado’s Next Top Supplier, thus providing publicity and support enabling them to reach an even wider audience.

Hiver currently have two beers on the market; their original classic The Honey Beer, blonde and crisp as well as The Honey Ale, a deeper, full bodied brown ale.

As part of your experience not only will you be treated to a tutored tasting complete with food matching but you’ll also get a crash course in beekeeping from Hiver’s very own “Mr Honey” Barnaby Shaw.

The number of bee hives in London has rocketed since 2008 since news came out that global bee numbers were in rapid decline. Hives can now be found all over the city; on the roofs of schools, mosques and even the Tate Modern. There’s even more good news for London’s bee lovers and Hiver because last year the capital had one of the largest total yields of honey of any region in the UK.

This unique beer and bee experience takes place at the wonderful Bee Urban Beekeepers Lodge in Kennington, just a short stroll from Kennington tube.

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Article by: Nate Nolan, Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat