The future of our Beer Tours

We have had an exciting start to our London Tours Campaign. Things have really taken flight and at the end of 2015, on our first anniversary we have lots of tales to tell. We’ve had some great tours, met some greater people from all corners of the globe, and drank some of the most delicious craft beers being produced in London to this date! Here is a brief history of London Brewery Tours, from its creation in Aug 2014 to the end of 2015.

Dom and I started out by routinely visiting our now established Bermondsey Brewers each weekend, trying to get everyone and anyone we could find to join us on tour. It was from the start that we start building relations with the brewers, and trying a lot of beers!

After five months, hundreds of beers and a lot of sloppy Saturdays we decided that we needed to make a change. We had the clients, we had some cool guys helping us with the tours, and we were ready to step things up. We haven’t looked back! Our tours went weekly from April 2015 and they have risen to being in the top 40 Trip Adviser food and drink tours in London.
We later talked to the guys in East London and decided to trial a Hackney Microbrewery Tour in September.

We now are proud to be able to offer a great cross section of London breweries with tours running weekly in our capital.

Beers for all tastes and occasions.

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